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What can we say?

We are passionate about helping you represent your organic brand in the most user-friendly, mobile-friendly, and planet-friendly ways possible. In keeping with OUR MISSION, we are set on making choices that are in the best interest of your business, community, & the environment.

It’s Our Style

We apply these principles to every service we offer. Actually, we apply these principles to everything we do. If you think our approach is just what your business needs, please be in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

Brand Design

Are you looking to grow your organic business into a sustainable and profitable success? Well, of course you are. Need to gain clear direction on how to get there? We’ve got you covered there.


  • Logo Design
    Whether you are just starting out or trying to gain new business, it is essential that the world sees you just as you are. Let us help you show them, honestly.
  • Brand Design
    Having a fully developed Brand Design puts you in the perfect position to grow your business and to achieve your goals. This is where we build a brand that profits!
  • Brand Audit
    Not sure what your audience-primary or potential-thinks of your brand? We’ll take a look at everything that makes you YOU and let you know what we see that could be holding you back and what could do you a world of good.

Web Design

Anything and everything that your business does needs to come from your website, and to do that it’s got to work well and look good. This is your home. Let’s spruce it up and invite some people over!


  • Custom Website Design
    We create Responsive (mobile friendly) Website Designs that are straightforward, optimized, and ideal to your brand. Let us create the ultimate site to meet your business goals!
  • SEO
    It is essential to ensure the optimization of your site so that you can get the traffic that you are striving for. Traffic means an increase in your audience and a likely increase in sales. Who doesn’t want that, right?
  • Website Audit
    Are you unsure whether your current website is really hitting the mark? We’ll uncover what could be keeping customers away that you may not have even seen yourself.

Social Design & Marketing

The image your brand portrays on social media is crucial to your bottom line. We create cohesion in branding on social media platforms to reinforce your brand honestly.


  • Social Setup
    This is where Design & Marketing collide to create brand consistency that gives your business a solid Social presence. We implement optimization, strategy, & Design, of course, for a Three Sided take on Social!
  • Social Strategy
    A strategy is essential to Social success! You’ve got to know where you’re going, or you’ll end up somewhere else, right? We will develop a clear plan that will set you on a focused path to your goals.
  • Social Audit
    Having doubts about whether you’re doing Social “right”? Or maybe you’re not seeing the return on Social that could lead to profit but you’re just not sure why. We would be happy to give you a thorough rundown and fix what could be hindering your Social success - don’t wait!

We'd love to grow your organic business, too!


Brand, Web, & Social Design & Marketing by Three Side Design

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