We help those that serve people with passion and purpose to achieve sustainable profit.

Our Story

Three Side Design is the vision, the passion, the downright obsession, of owner Corey Ayres – Graphic Designer, Web Designer, & Social Media Marketing Strategist. After a life-altering medical diagnosis, Corey went looking for answers and what she found led to an organic diet, an organic lifestyle, and an organic based business all her own.

At Three Side Design…

We strive to help those that serve people with passion and purpose. We will work with you to achieve your goals through simple, strategic, and effective design and marketing solutions. It is our mission to grow each client’s community with honesty, transparency, and accessibility. We empower you with a cohesive approach that brings all of your sides together for a common goal.

Three Side Design offers design and marketing services with passionate focus on the organic industry. We strongly believe in doing what you love and that’s exactly why we do what we do.


to create Print, Web, & Social Designs that effectively represent our client’s passions of achieving sustainable profit while protecting the planet.

Corey Ayres

Corey Ayres


Hello my fellow organic fanatics!
I have personal stories a mile long to explain the reasons behind why I do what I do, why I believe so strongly in the organic standard, but it all comes down to one thing: I believe in being honest.
I’m incredibly passionate about the work that I do because I honestly care for each and every one of my clients, each and every one of their customers, and this beautiful planet supporting us all.
I want nothing more but to help you grow organically, too!

Print Design by Three Side Design


A strong image is essential to building a profitable brand, but that's not all it takes. This is where we achieve focus to create a brand that leads.

Web Design by Three Side Design


We create Custom WordPress Website Designs that are straight-forward, optimized, and ideal to your brand. Let us create the ultimate mobile-friendly site for you.

Social Media Marketing Design by Three Side Design


The image your brand portrays on social media is crucial to your bottom line. We create cohesion in branding on social media platforms to reinforce your brand honestly.